Thursday, February 4, 2010

a thought.

Anyone who would read this that knew me back in the day may think I've crossed to the dark side and/, or came into enlightenment.


Neither of these are correct, but I'm speaking from experience here.

I'm not old, and I definitely don't feel old enough in much of any way to consider myself well-learned via life experience in the matters of this country's history.

But perhaps I've come to consider my relative youth as compared to the rest of the general population as too much of a naivety as it actually may be a point of wisdom.

I'll step out of the "me"- and "academic"-talk to get to brass tacks. Stick with me here:

I have student debt,
and so does my husband.
We have enough debt to keep us from
going where we want to go
and doing what we truly desire to do.

If this government has $12 Trillion and counting in debt, with an administration and congress ready to delve deeper into the red,
how long,
will it take for this nation as a whole to move forward?

I'm of course speaking fiscally and not socially,
but there must be more than a nuance of correlation
between these two situations.

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