Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's the flu, it's a hangover - no, it's sleep deprivation!

"Maybe the only 21 months of age separation between my kids is really taking a toll, or perhaps the lack of nap opportunities is it, but I feel like I'm going to physically fall apart."

This is how I felt a couple days ago. Slight fever, congested head, achy body, difficulty walking straight.  If I didn't have sleep deprivation to blame, I would have put myself in the doctor's office, no question. 

I totally agree with sleeping when the baby sleeps, but that advice is difficult to when ah toddler is around. 

So, after registering at least a (body temp) degree more than usual, I put a drop off Theives oil blend in my water bottle and felt better right away. 

Now all I need is an IV drip of espresso, and maybe I'll just have enough energy to keep from crying about fatigue one again.
Side note: my husband is a trooper for being my audience of one during these early weeks.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Two, two and under: the beginning

"Imma gonna cry."

That's how I feel about 59% of the time when both of my kids are awake.  So I thought to myself, why not blog about life and thoughts more often so I can give my husband a break from all the moping and spread the love to you all out there on the interwebs? 

Perhaps you're an in-real-life friend and have been with me on both or infertility journey as well as our journey into parenthood. You may know then that it took us some time to conceive, and you may know that biological clocks area real thing. 

Also, perhaps you are of the opinion that having kids close together is a great, and you were all for us having 2 so close together...but you secretly knew it'd land us in survival mode for LIFE!
Well, welcome (or welcome back) to our world.  I am a wife to a seminary student/military officer/a future "Good Reverend", and I am now a mom to a sweet, precocious 21-month-old girl and a cute 2-week-old boy.

I hope to write about this experience of raising two youngins and attempting to be a realtively good wife. Oh yeah, and being the individual God made me to be within and outside of these titles.
All this said, life is truly good. We are healthy, our kids are healthy, and we have the joy of God in our hearts.  

That said, life is also truly crazy, so if you're willing to get on that train with me, all aboard!