Thursday, February 25, 2010

deal with it.

Deal with it.

You know, the things that aren't perfect about you. And I'm not talking about having size 11 feet.  I'm talking about whats [physically, emotionally, spiritually] on the inside. 




And sooner is always better than later!  

Well, that's what I plan on doing. 

This is just one thing I plan to get feisty about,
though there are many things I'd like to deal with this year.

But this thing, my diet, is what needs a good kick in the boo-tay. 

So, what am I doing? 

Well, I'm being a wife,
and I'm cooking more meals than I ever have in my life. 


Really simple: whole wheat linguine with roasted red pepper and garlic sauce (via Prego, not me), and some slightly-sauteed shrimp. Later, I made flourless chocolate cake, which was only a slight kick in the dietary rear because it was made from scratch, not chemicals or hydrogenated oils.

But I can't be too proud.

It was my intention to make this meal about four or five days ago.

I'm a work in progress.

Any quick/easy/simple recipes, or even ones that take a lot of time and effort yet are DELICIOUS, send them my way.  Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hey, Laura! I'm sure that you've got a Betty Crocker cookbook. Maybe even BHG? If you've got Betty Crocker, they have a really simple (read: Michael made it two nights ago) recipe for two-mustard chicken that's actually decent on the health-scale if you cut the recipe in quarters. If you've got a Better Homes and Garden one, usually in the very back they have "recipes for life" that are pretty easy. I just tried an Herbed Adobo pork chops from there last night.

    If you're interested in healthy "cultural" cooking, check out Marcus Samuellson's "The Soul of A New Cuisine". The Jerk Chicken is out of this world. And the Ethiopian food is fabulous---not that I'm biased!

    Not sure if you guys have food allergies or anything you're avoiding. Sorry I couldn't be more specific!


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