Sunday, March 27, 2011

old habits die hard, and other thoughts.

so as far as my goals for today went, only one was accomplished: 

laundry = done. 

Thanks to my husband, that is.

I initiated none of this laundry-doing, but done it is and happy we are. 

I have some thoughts before I sleep tonight, so here I go:

"The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised."
Sometimes saying verses in older English just makes them seem more true and steadfast. 
I don't just say that verse for the older English, however;
something I read today got me thinking a LOT, and 
when things don't go our way, no matter HOW unfair and unjust it all seems,
God is still to be praised. 

On a whole other note, 
here's a fact that has been proven twice to me:
Aldi's Quick Bread Coffee Cake is AH-MAY-ZING. 
Super easy, totally semi-homemade, and the crumble on top is BUTTERY! Nom-Nom-NOM!
Mix in some chopped up green apple,
pour yourself a cup of turkish-ish coffee, and 
you are good to go!

Speaking of sweet things, eating any sugar has been throwing me for a
since I gave it up for Lent. 
It's a lot easier to give it up than to
get back on the sugar train, I've found.  
Conversely, honey doesn't have much of an effect.

House Hunters International is on Hulu.
 ...didn't achieve that get-away-from-Hulu goal today, evidently.

Windows 7 is far superior to Windows XP.  Just saying. 

Real Simple is a great magazine, and it's one that's easy to not 
finish when you work and choose to watch TV at home (i need help, people). 

I don't get Leviticus the way I think Jews back in the B.C. did.  I wish I did.

I have a new best friend, and her name is Rachel, and she is 16 months old,
dances for all of her mom and dad's friends, and 
has a perma-smile on her face! 

Well, I think that's it!  :)  
Sorry this is so "I-I-I."  
I can write about something a little less self-centered tomorrow/this week, 
but I thought it was just important to simply write.  
Thanks for bearing with me!  :) 


Saturday, March 26, 2011

tomorrow i hope to...

Tomorrow I hope to:
  • bake two or three things
  • read more than just my bible and blogs
  • find alternative therapy to what is my current source of relaxation: 
  • get done with ALL of our laundry
                         (such a good feeling i think i've experienced twice in my life)
  • and catch up for lost time on this blog. 

we'll see how this goes :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

oh, Lent...*

So for this Lent I've given up sugary sweets, including - 

I've given up sweets every day except for Sundays, when I 
will make my own sweet thing or 
buy something particularly special, because who wants 
a random Hershey's kiss, etc., when you haven't had sweets for a whole week?

Not me, thanks. 

So today I wanted to make a dark chocolate and pear tart, but -  

Bah!  As I wrote that sentence above,
I coughed 3 times. 

Yes, I have a cold, and the
only answer for it is 
meh.  Halls drops, or something. 

A cowbell would be too aggravating at this time.

Anyways, I decided to feature these deserts I make over the coming Sundays on my blog.  

Today's post -well, the food portion of it- will wait until 
Tuesday, or 

This cold is weird, and I'm not sure why, 
but it most likely has something to do with my 
winning streak with cold/flu illnesses over the last...2 years.  

So since I'm so unfamiliar with cold and flu treatments, 
tell me what you guys out there do for a cold.  
I'm drinking lots of O.J. and water and
getting tons of sleep.  

Oh, and I've been laying off the junk food (per Lent), so
please give me some tips for easy things to snack on during the day,
especially during work. 

That's about it for me,
something more enlightened to come in the following days.  

Hope your clocks are turned ahead!

*dot dot dot-s, or elipses (elipsis is singular), are too often used (!!!).  
i don't mind it today, though...
it's probably because of my cold.  

Friday, March 11, 2011

i'm thinking...

Here's a list of the things that I've been thinking about:

The earthquake today has really got me thinking about a lot of different things.  It's easy for us to live in a bubble despite the interconnectedness that the web provides.  If you haven't heard about the 8.9 quake that hit Japan and the incredibly tragic tsunami that followed, please check it out. 

The quake in Japan 
the quakes in New Zeland and Haiti 
the flooding across the U.S. last summer and Australia this winter/their summer 
the increased military/political/religious action against Israel by surrounding nations and those nations' supporters 
all these other signs (biblical and general evidence plus today's and recent events) have gotten me thinking about Revelation and end times.  
Be prepared, and share Christ with those you love (or learn about Him if you haven't done so).  

And another thing that's got me thinking: 
The other end-times event I didn't list above is that within 20 years
every people-group on the planet will 
                                 (if God continues to make it happen) 
                                                                have individuals who know, love, and follow Jesus Christ.  

Those few things
                     (among many others)
                                                             have got me thinking,

                                                                                                                 and praying. 

How about you?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

this is what happens...when you are working.

Hi all!

I'm just writing quick because I want to quick say hi!

I've been working lately for a temp. position at a local business around here.  

Apparently all my English degree skills are 
valuable with this job, not because 
I can whip up a rhetorical analysis that will bring a tear to your eye, 
but because I can copy and paste with the best of them. 

Blogging has actually given me some skills that have proven useful with this job, too - 
hyperlinking is an art, people.  
Especially hyperlinking that is not intentionally vague.

I'll try to get back into this more - I know some of you have
requested a blog or two!  

For now, I need to conserve some energy 
(and eventually produce it by way of sleeping) 
for an interview tomorrow here on campus. Wish me luck/pray that it works out! 

And if you want a little more of me,
                 (who doesn't?...well, I can think of some people!) 
You can check out this blog post that I did (with a little tweaking from my friend!) on 
B. in the know - the blog!
It was quite the undertaking which
I was happily excited to do!

That's all for tonight. 
Time to finish "Chopped" on Hulu and 
dream about our mini-spring break back in the Land o' Corn.  
Soon(I hope!) we will go to the Land o' Lakes!