Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Goodbye for now...

It's time.

THAT time.

It's time for Lent
and all the sacrifice that we attempt with it.

The purpose of this predominantly Catholic tradition,
as I understand from my escapades in
CCD and collegiate Christian ministry,
is to sacrifice something in your life

because Christ sacrificed something in his... his
or us to know
him and his father,
even thought it meant complete separation from God and life itself.

So, with that, I decided to do something that I have done before:
give up

Not completely,
Not entirely,
but I am limiting myself to one hour a day.

For some people, that's more than they go on
FB in one week
...or even one month.
One year??
FB users who only go on once a year
should probably just get rid of it altogether.

Anyways, I did this once before.
It went perfectly fine.
The catch was,
that I was in college.
I had things to do ALL the time,
friends within an arms reach (literally),
and I still had to graduate; therefore, I had to study.

Now, however...

There's nothing to do
I need to find things TO do
There aren't any friends near me
I need to make new friends and keep up with old ones
I have nothing to study for
Oh, there are PLENTY of things I need to learn!

Facebook is even more distracting and,
mind-dulling/numbing/deadening that it ever has been.

News Feed.
FB Chat.

Blah. And I'm a TOTAL consumer of it.
Constantly signed in,
whether or not I'm looking at the screen.
And it needs to change.
Pretty sure God's been telling me to get of
FB for a while, anyway.

So, Goodbye for now,
Facebook. Well, for 23 hours a day.
It's be a
challenge on day one.
But I made it,
and I'm DETERMINED to keep it going!

My husband had better be prepared.

There will be many a game nights in his future...

update: I added a lil' html to this post. There's basic html info on the Notes app on Facebook. I did have to look up that html on FB tonight when a "detailed" website failed in their information. My entire blog was "struck through"!

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