Wednesday, November 14, 2012

prayers, please.

My Grandpa B.,
my father's father,
has been in the nursing home for
some time now, dealing with Parkinson disease.

Now he is in the hospital,
and his body is failing him.
He has developed trouble breathing which has
caused him to fall ill with pneumonia.

Please pray that he would be comforted,
that he would know God's peace,
and that he'd accept Christ's love.

Please pray for my family and me.
This is a lot to deal with, and
I personally don't know how
I will be able to handle it.

Please pray that God would be glorified by
the members of my family,
including my grandpa,
now and forever.

Thank you for praying,
as always.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And then there was.

Today started out as a dark, dark day -
the darkest day I've lived in for a long time.

But today I realized -
only when you
open your eyes
and truly,
genuinely see that
you live in a world of
do you finally
                understand that you need to