Saturday, February 19, 2011

talk to me tuesdays - on saturday - january/february

Talk to Me Tuesday helps keep me writing and
is kind of a dialogue between me and my friend Heidi H.  

And while I'd much rather talk to her (and all my friends!) more often than we do,
this is a good way to keep it going!

Oh, and Heidi - write back on our FB message!  :) 

Question #1: what would be on your "awesome list."

I'm going to do this in 2 minutes.  Anything beyond that will have to be described some other time! 

Awesome list:
God, John, my parents and sister, my in-laws, my family, traveling, Germany, catching up with friends, babies, twins!, art, fashion, pilates, basketball, photography, design, good haircuts, springtime, bright colors, helping others, working, visitors, games!, fishing, reading, blogging, dance!!!!, food food food, wine, chocolate, stars, flowers...and i'm done!

Question #2: What do you do to ward off cabin fever?

Get out of this apartment.  I have my friend Christie across the street, and between dinner with our husbands at her place and tv-nights featuring The Office and The Grammys, hanging out with her has gotten me out of my slump!
Also, reading my bible everyday has really helped.  It's something that's been a challenge for me to do regularly for pretty much ever, and I'm glad God is showing me the benefits of heeding His call.  

Question #3: What's in your purse?  

My blue purse - a Kenneth Cole consignment shop find!
A comb (brought to an interview earlier this week).
Burt's Bees pomegranate lip balm. 
A cloth for cleaning off my glasses (can't WAIT til I can get my contacts...or corrective vision surgery).
One of those claw-hair-clip-things.  I don't know why...
Little notebooks (SO HANDY - get one!).
My wallet. 
My name tag from Kappa Alpha Theta Founders Day.  

Thankfully Heidi didn't say "what's in any purse you currently use?"  
If it were my pink purse...oi. 
That thing is ready for a war zone. 

Question #4 - Random Act of Kindness - do one!

I haven't yet!  
And I know that being nice to store clerks when some other people aren't probably doesn't count. 

Question #5 - What verse are you leaning on, or what is your go-to-verse?  

Romans 5:1-5.  1 Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 2 through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God. 3 Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.  

That was a little NIV/NKJV combined there.  The new NIV is gettin' on me nerves...

Also, I've been in the 30's of the Psalms lately.  Lots of stuff about the unfairness of this world and how God really makes everything right in the end.  Very, very awesome.  

And that 

Thanks for reading!!

food? food.

Some of the things I've made lately...

Jumbo chocolate cookies

Homemade blueberry muffins, coffee+cream, 
homemade orange-grapefruit juice

Sandwich with roasted mushrooms, avocado, romaine, ham, and muenster cheese. 
(Better w/o the ham! :) )
Garlic-Parmesan chips from Aldi!!!

Prep for chicken wraps. 
Tip: add zucchini at the very end.  They get soft fast.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

catching up on plan #1 (Talk to me Tuesday)

First plan (as described in my previous post):

Catch up on TALK TO ME JANUARY (and a lil' of february...)!!! :)

Here we go:

Feb 1: What is your WORD for 2011?

No idea, actually.  I have a word or phrase that I use in regular conversation, and that word or phrase changes over time.  
Such words and phrases that many of you have experienced are the following:

.2 - expressed as "point 2," meaning that I or we were very close to something or someone.  
         example: "I was .2 from running into that girl when we were both crossing the street!"

to be honest - something i say before or after any open, honest comment that has any level of gravity. 
       example: "The weather is kind of crappy today, to be honest." 

I hate it - something I say whenever my husband picks on me, or if I have to do something that is mildy irritating. I don't tend to say this in actual difficult situations, however...
       example: John is driving and I'm in the passenger seat, and  all of a sudden he squeezes my leg right 
                      above the knee.  I'll naturally yell/whine, "I HATE IT!" [Honestly - who doesn't???  Ugh, that's 
                      the (kinda) worst thing ever....]

I love it - when some little thing makes me happy. Like when John makes dinner!!!!! Or when my mom or grandma sends me a letter.

to be frank - see "to be honest"

fyi - also see "to be honest," but with a more informative spin.  
       example: "That stop light is turning red, fyi." 

101- to express the epitome of something, including ideas, people's actions, my mistakes, etc. It's not really referring to the "basic" anything, which is ironic, I know.  Oh well.  
        example: Finding your wedding dress at a "all-in-stock-half-off" sale three days after you got  
             engaged. Bargain 101!!!!  (not the best example, but I'm trying to keep things positive here). 

Awkward Turtle - oh Thetas of Gamma Pi yore, you'll appreciate this.  For those of you who don't know what "Awkward Turtle" is, simply replicate a turtle on it's back with your hands.  Place one palm on top of the back side of your other hand.  Wiggle your thumbs.  Akward turtle.  Perfect statement for any awkward or idiotic situation.  

I know that this isn't what Heidi was getting at with her TtMT question, 
but it's simply all I can concretely come up with.  
If I had to say what my "theme-word" would be right now, 
it'd probably be something like "proactive."  
Not because I am excited about 
any particular skin-care line, 
but because I've determined myself not to 
just sit around and 
wait for life to happen. 
Hopefully that works out - no, I'll proactively make it work out!! :)  
In God's timing, of course.

I'll catch up on other ones later!  It's time for me to "proactively" clean our kitchen...


So here are my plans:

I'm planning on catching up on Talk to Me Tuesday. 
Between moving, unpacking, dealing with post-moving blues, trying to find a job, etc.,
I've fallen off the tracks. 
Well, Heidi., I'm getting back on...soon!  Watch out!  :)  
Oh, and for all of you, watch out for her 
30 outfits in-
                30 days with-
                                30 items-challenge.  So cool! 

Another thing that's kept me from
doing Talk to Me Tuesday is a post I wrote
for Kingdom Twindom, an awesome blog featuring an awesome family who God is bringing through an incredible, challenging, God-glorifying journey. 

I thought it'd be challenging as well as exciting.
However, I'm a little nervous as I 
plan on bracing myself for the comment section,
considering the topic is, at times, taboo, and instead of constructive criticism,
some people on the internet like to
                 start flame wars
                                         for any reason. 
But I know Sarah (the mom of Kingdom Twindom) is great and
has a lot of supportive readers,
so it should be ok.
Also, I'm hoping that this post is something that can get a few people thinking and may bless someone out there who's been considering the post's message like I have. 
I've had this message on my heart for many years now, 
and I know that others share my sentiments, including my friend B. 

Speaking of B., she and I have talked about 
doing a post on her amazing,
addictive blog
Really, I am nervous because she is so darn good at what she does on there.
Oh, and she's a Christian and a Theta at the same time;
I'm lucky that she's my friend! 

One plan I have for this weekend is to catch up with some old friends and hang out with some new ones.
The Trinity Wives group is hopping along here at the seminary, and
I met another awesome 
seminary wife-The Office loving-blogging friend,  
If you want to know more about what Trinity is like when 
there aren't snow drifts almost as tall as I am from our recent 
check out her blog.

Lastly, here's to a quick shout-out to my friends Katie and Bret, 
who had a beautiful little baby girl on Monday!  
She's super cute and has a full head of hair.  
I hope to give her a big ol' hug some day soon! :)  
Congrats you guys! 

Ok, that's about it for me.  

Have a good day, everyone!