Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blue - the color.

What is in a color?

A lot of stuff.

I was just commenting on the "Oh Joy" blog about what my least favorite color is, and it's blue.  Brown is a close second, but I really don't dislike any color entirely.

I wear a lot of blue for some reason, and I'm starting to take more to a rich, vibrant navy color (yes, navy can be vibrant and it most definitely can be DRAB). 

In our living room, we have a turquoise and goldenrod blanket from india that some good friends gave us, an ikat-print navy and olive and forest green and cadet blue padded bench, and a sky-blue/yellow/olive green green floral print lamp shade. Blue, blue, blue, and here I am saying I don't like the color.

It's growing on me a little bit, and I feel like blue could be a nice color to welcome people in or make them relax.  But even as I say that, i get that feeling of drabness, sorrow, and melancholy.

So I think you need to enjoy the stuff you're looking at, regardless of how it's designed or what favorite (or non-favorite) color it is.  If you don't really like it and enjoy it, then its not worth having.

And with that, it's time for me to ditch a few things I just don't like!