Thursday, October 13, 2011


So hello to all you out there who have patiently waited for another post.

It's been tough to write much of anything, mostly because I
a. am stilll grieving, but in weird, unexpected ways (lathargy???)
b. don't have a particularly obvious aspect of my life that stands out enough to mention
c. well, "b." isn't 100% true, but there aren't a ton of great things to write about, except that

Today the hubs and I are going on a little vacation!

We're checking out House on the Rock in SW Wisconsin

            :::side note: I almost wrote "Swisconsin," and it made me think of Switzerland.  Do go to Switzerland if you ever, even remotely get the chance!  Also, do go to Z├╝rich if you get the chance.:::

Anyway, we'll just be staying the night tonight, going on the tour of the house tomorrow, and
then we'll head up to MN for the rest of the weekend. 

I may post some pictures on here if I'm allowed/remember to take them
                                     (I'm awful at remembering to take pictures these days).

Hopefully soon I'll also post about John's commissioning -
          he's officially (and finally!!!!) a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army! 

That's all for me for now.  I hope the rest of you have restful, encouraging weekends this week!