Thursday, September 8, 2011

but not to end the night on a sad note...

[in reference to my last post]

here's something worth smiling through:

 -  - and I hope that there isn't a commercial at the beginning of this,
but if there is, i apologize.  It's worth sitting through!


When life throws you lemons,
make lemonade  -  - right?

But what if you're caught in a big ol' lemon,
and you can't see your way out?

Just kind of what it's like when
you know you need to do something with your life,
but you just don't know what.

Yes, this isn't the happiest post,
and I truly feel like blogging about anything wrong is
borderline offensive to people
                        (self-imposed guilt; I'm an expert),
but getting thoughts OUT of my head
helps me keep from drowning in them.

Thanks for reading.