Sunday, June 26, 2011

golly gee.

I found a blog post I thought I sent out about a month ago -
it took a while to write!!!! -
and there it was, sitting in a draft status. 


Golly gee.

Oh well, here's what's been up:

The rain - in incessant amounts.
Work - got called back to my temp job.
Discontent - ready to figure out the future of my career.
Working out - it's become a bit more relaxed, but it's still happening.
Road Construction - wow. 
Gardening - well, not like last year (no community garden around here),
            but it's happening.
Family - reunion for my husband's side this past weekend in the
             Boheme Alps, and seeing my family at the end of the month (!!!).

Those are the quick highlights,
and more things will be coming throughout this week.

Friday, June 17, 2011

summertime movies

My dad and I always used to go to a movie each summer -
just me and him.

Of the ones I remember in particular:

Jurrasic Park
Men in Black
Independence Day

Notice a theme?

So tonight I saw Super 8 with da husband, and

Smooth and comprehensive story development,
clever actor choices and unique yet realistic plot devices,
great use of suspense and humor - 
overall really good!

The only things I didn't like were the
excessive incidental swearing by a couple of the supporting characters
                                  - not totally out of the ordinary for some teens,
                                                                         but altogether unnecessary -
and some of the dialogue between the teenagers was a little too, well...
staged...just not as natural as you would have heard in
a real life conversation.

Overall, the movie was done really well and I'd definitely see it again -

hopefully with my dad.

Friday, June 10, 2011

in an attempt to write more -

When I attempt to write more,
I'm often confronted with the events of the day.

That's tricky subject matter 'round these parts,
because either not much happens,
or things are a bit too
to put on the blog - for now.

Today was a day that bears about two or three blog post of their own, for the
sake of me just being able to voice them out.
The start of the second week of June has been a tough reminder for my family for quite some time,
and today was not any different.

Yet it's always better to end the day on a good note rather than a bad, difficult one, so
why not a little YouTube action to end the night off right. 

so I bring you...

Happiness Can Be Found on the Internet 
- a blog segment*

Exhibit A: Food Court Musical

Exhibit B: Star Wars according to a 3-year old

Exhibit C: The Office Lip Dub Cold Open

and scene! 

*I need to write a post about phrases like this.  It'll be a doozy. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

just some little things...

I like my TV.

I like reality TV - but primarily only competition reality TV. 
No "Real Housewives of Miami" for me. 

No sir.

But what I really like about reality TV is when the people get surprised by their family or good friends who they haven't seen in a long time.

So - family and friends - come surprise me!!  I work half-days at the mansion on campus.
There's only one on campus - but there are dozens upon dozens around here,
so don't get confused.

If I'm not there, I live all of 2.5 minutes away - -
by foot.

So come and visit!  And bring a camera crew;
it'll be worth the air-time.