Sunday, October 31, 2010



Theme song
Food and 

Magazine and
fall is great.

Favorites, favorites,
List all eight! 

1. My favorite flower, my favorite flowers are:
Dahlias and roses for sure.  Ranunculus (the orange flowers) is also a flower I really like, which were in some of the decorations at my wedding.

Green pic photo credit here, the other two are mine. 

2. Favorite color combo.

gray, spring green-yellow,  and black accents... 
                                                    for now.  
My favorite color is green, so often i come back to a semi-saturated, bright green, bright and somewhat warm-toned pink, and soft orange...aka, wedding colors and the answers to question #1 

3. Favorite Celebrity Couple.
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith!  
Definitely one of the most loving, grounded couples in the business. 
4. My Theme Song.

Sure it was our first dance song, 
but it's been the theme for since well before day one. 

oh, and another theme song for us, which I HIGHLY recommend you listen to: 

see, it was worth it, huh?

5. Favorite "terrible day" food

Story time: 
When I didn't get the lead role in my senior-year musical (Wizard of Oz), I ate almost an entire row of Chips Ahoy once I got home.  When I looked down at the four cookies left in the row, I had a thought similar to "well, the damage is already done" and ate the rest.  Not my most shining hour...  
         maybe it was my most shining 20 minutes. ;) 
 Thankfully I got over it and got to be in "Dorothy's" wedding about 8 years later!

6. Favorite lipstick or lip gloss
Burt's Bee's pomegranate lip balm and my Mary Kay pink lip gloss, which I cannot find at the moment...  

7. Favorite Magazine 
Real Simple.  Saying it's my favorite is a gross understatement. 

8. Favorite thing about fall.
Apple Cider!!!!  

I could drink a gallon a day of this stuff.

Ok, I now tag Kate (Brian, too, if he wants), Kaitlyn, Jen G., Heidi H., Heather, and Kristen (again, Heath, too if he would like)!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Talk To Me" Tuesdays!

Well, my friend H.-the-hottie called me out in her blog to reply to her 
quest to let us bare our souls for all the interwebs to see.  

(Hey, I just discovered my "stats" page for this blog, and by golly, 
I've got people in Lebanon who have stopped by...
well, 2 people... meh, not bad...)

But realistically, this is going to be fun.  I have trouble deciding what 
to write on here sometimes, and even more difficulty with putting down words
in a simple, concise (ha!) way.  
H. will post a question, then we (her readers/family/friends/all of the above)*
will answer it in our own blog or in a comment on her blog. 
*Holy parentheses, Batman!

Easy enough, right?  
Oh, and all my readers -
yes, you faithful 12 followers
and some other behind-the-scene followers 
and visitors from Lebanon -
can partake in this lil' adventure, too! 

And if you don't?  
Well, I'm going to have to tag you in next week's post to call YOU out!  

So here's my answer to the following question: 

Talk To Me Tuesdays #1:
What's your spouse's best quality?
Well, let's make this short and sweet.  
John loves me! 
Yes, there's more to it than that.  But the long and short of it is that 
there are simply sides of John that I only get to see.  He's definitely loving 
toward his family and friends, 
but there are more "little things" than I can describe in a non-novel format.  
The best way to say it is that John loves me,
and only I really get to see it, which I like! 
Oh, and I never know what he's going to say next.  That's fun!   

Ok, your turn.  Go for it.  Do it.  Go.  Now. Type!  Enjoy! :) *  

p.s. Allie - I'm still working on my 8 favorites post.  I know, I know...soon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

fall in sherman hill...

Fall in Sherman Hill, where I currently live,
has been quite the ride. 

More later, although I'd rather tell you all on the phone 
(and no, I'm not pregnant), 
but here is a semi-pretty picture of what 
is so pretty about being here.  

i'll write more later. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


we had a great vacation last week.

2 state parks in iowa, a few days way up north in mn. 

fall was gorgeous in mn.  
it's hard to understand why the trees are on fire with color now up there, and it's not the same down here.  

of course northern areas change first, 
but sometimes it just doesn't seem like we're far enough away for such a dramatic difference.

don't get me wrong - i'm not complaining at all. 
it was awesome to see all those colors on the trees in MN,
and i'm very happy that fall has yet to completely hit down here.
hopefully the tree varieties will pack as much of a punch in IA. 

oh, and our vacation pictures will be up someday soon. 
we used disposable black and white cameras for most of the picks, and 
they just aren't developed yet!