Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Talk To Me" Tuesday #2

Hi all!

I guess this TtMT Heidi's got going can guarantee a post from me once a week.  
How lucky you all are! ;)

The question is: 
If you could relive one day of your life, what would it be and why?

Welp, there are a lot of days I would relive -
Some I would relive as a do-over,
some I would relive exactly the same. 

So, really...I will just pick one of the many!

Near Silver City, New Mexico.

Well, this picture was taken on a day full of craziness and beauty at the same time.  John and I visited a small town called Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, in the summer of 2009 for our 1st anniversary.  We had a TON of fun - I'd suggest that place to anyone.  On this day we went west to check out a national park: Gila National Forest. It was gorgeous, fascinating, and a lot of fun hiking and catching the views!  

It was also a little crazy: a map (and the hostess) from a T or C travel office made this place look like a 1.5 hour straight-ish shot to the forest.  
What it ended up being was a beautiful but incredibly lengthy 3+ hour, twisty-turny trek through deserts, hills, mountains, and - of course - one thick forest.
The views were gorgeous, so we had no problem on the way there. 
What ended up being our problem on the way back was the fact that a tank with enough gas for a easy 3-hour road trip did not amount to the necessary fuel needed for a mountainous 6-hour voyage.  Also, tiny little villages in a mountain surrounded by big trees, desert, and the nearby Mexican border doesn't equate to ample gas supplies (or any gas supplies at the end of the day).  
So we stopped at a restaurant in this village 
(where those migrating humming birds were hanging out),
and we decided that we'd coast (in neutral most of the time) down the mountains and into Silver City for gas.  
There was no way we'd make it back the way we came, especially with the sun about to set and mule deer bounding everywhere.

This trip resulted in lots of great conversation, and unforgettable time in the hiking the cliff dwellings at the forest, and lots of little details that made me wish I had a better camera.  

Aside from the gas situation, I would do this day the same way...
  ...especially because we came back to this. :)

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  1. Fun! What an awesome day! I'm noticing a theme... nobodies perfect days were in the midwest. :)


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