Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talk to Me Tuesday - yo.

No intro tonight - I'm too tired!

TtMT #5

What were you like as a student?

sort of quiet when i was younger
sort of shy, too
very insecure when i was in middle school
very uncertain during that time, too
after i became a christian, i wasn't as insecure or as uncertain,
and i spoke up a lot more, too.

so...i guess you could say i was likable, worked hard, intelligent (although i wasn't always that sure of it),
stubborn, distractible (again), and sometimes forgetful,
a little nervous, a little more creative, a procrastinator, and nice.

oh, and way too busy...
                                     ...per today. 

note: all those good things were because of God, who created me (and you).  all those bad things God has been working on in me, and me with Him...
                                                                ...and sometimes me against Him - unfortunately.

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