Sunday, October 31, 2010



Theme song
Food and 

Magazine and
fall is great.

Favorites, favorites,
List all eight! 

1. My favorite flower, my favorite flowers are:
Dahlias and roses for sure.  Ranunculus (the orange flowers) is also a flower I really like, which were in some of the decorations at my wedding.

Green pic photo credit here, the other two are mine. 

2. Favorite color combo.

gray, spring green-yellow,  and black accents... 
                                                    for now.  
My favorite color is green, so often i come back to a semi-saturated, bright green, bright and somewhat warm-toned pink, and soft orange...aka, wedding colors and the answers to question #1 

3. Favorite Celebrity Couple.
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith!  
Definitely one of the most loving, grounded couples in the business. 
4. My Theme Song.

Sure it was our first dance song, 
but it's been the theme for since well before day one. 

oh, and another theme song for us, which I HIGHLY recommend you listen to: 

see, it was worth it, huh?

5. Favorite "terrible day" food

Story time: 
When I didn't get the lead role in my senior-year musical (Wizard of Oz), I ate almost an entire row of Chips Ahoy once I got home.  When I looked down at the four cookies left in the row, I had a thought similar to "well, the damage is already done" and ate the rest.  Not my most shining hour...  
         maybe it was my most shining 20 minutes. ;) 
 Thankfully I got over it and got to be in "Dorothy's" wedding about 8 years later!

6. Favorite lipstick or lip gloss
Burt's Bee's pomegranate lip balm and my Mary Kay pink lip gloss, which I cannot find at the moment...  

7. Favorite Magazine 
Real Simple.  Saying it's my favorite is a gross understatement. 

8. Favorite thing about fall.
Apple Cider!!!!  

I could drink a gallon a day of this stuff.

Ok, I now tag Kate (Brian, too, if he wants), Kaitlyn, Jen G., Heidi H., Heather, and Kristen (again, Heath, too if he would like)!

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  1. I'm too fickle to have that many favorite things. :)
    I LOVE 'Home' right now too. It's on my photo blog and I let (made?) the kids listen to it for pretty much the entire sewing unit.
    I need to check out that magazine!! Looks like something I'd like!


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