Tuesday, November 9, 2010

talk to me tuesday, linked up, and a preview.


I'm wiped out,

but it's good for me to write, despite not having cleaned the kitchen yet.

it shall get done soon...i hope...tonight.

So here's what's on the docket:
a preview of news I'll document* this week. 
*I almost said "share," but i used "document" because most of you know about this news.
a link so i can win a dress (but probably won't!),
and TtMT,

Preview of news about the big news i've sort of mentioned previously:

 Link: I like these dresses in this giveaway , and I don't have anywhere to wear them yet, but maybe someday! :)

Talk to Me Tuesday #3
What would you say to your teenage self?

Laura, you're 13.
You do have friends, and they will be better friends later in life.
Don't worry about being popular - it doesn't make a difference.
And stop, turn around, and walk back into that church and ask about how to get to Heaven.
They said they had the answer, so go ahead and listen.  
You don't need to be afraid of finding out; you'll never regret it.  Just go. 

that's all.


  1. Laura,
    I like your : Talk to me Tuesdays! =) Keep it up! I'm reading.

  2. Jen- YOU should play along too!


    13 Year Old Laura- You are awesome!!!


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