Monday, November 15, 2010

cue Bob Dylan

if that picture of the deer in a field (from my last post) was any kind of hint and/or
a clever allusion for you all who know this news already,

John and I be moving this coming new years.

      We're moving
                     - again -
                            to Deerfield, IL.

What's in Deerfield, IL, you may ask?

Well, aside from ridiculously high taxes and Michael Jordan
                                                                                   (next door in Highland Park),
Trinity International University -
home to my husband's future Master's of Divinity degree and
home to the next stop on our journey as husband and wife and followers of Christ.

Let's just say this move was a 
mega answer to prayer in a way 
that I have never seen before.

If my man says "ok" to me documenting this answer and
the progression toward it on the blog,
then I'll write it all on here for the world to see.
If not, feel free to e-mail me,
and I'll lay it out there for you fine ladies and gents.

So, in the spirit of this transition in our
lives as well as the subject line of this blog entry,
I leave you the following song.

Note that the contents of it are mostly relative to
the times we live in and the chorus is the only thing that realistically
applies to John and I at this time.

Also note the fact that the original version, as recorded, is apparently not on YouTube.

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  1. deerfield... wow. It's like everyone I know is either A) moving around the world or B) to Chicagoland area... funny. We'll God's good! =)


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