Monday, March 29, 2010

dis- and that, v.3

considering I'm in writer's block 
                           (or something like that)

on 4 different posts 
                           (3 of them politically inspired),

I'll just do one of these babies instead. 

dis- and that, volume 3.

I developed a dislike for our furnace last week, because I wished spring had sprung.
I DO LIKE this week's forecast.  77° on Thursday?  Yes, please!

I dislike when the basil I try to grow dies.  I'm on attempt #3.  
I do like basil.  BEST-HERB-EVER.

I dislike saying "herb" - "h" pronunced - versus "herb" without said "h" sound.
I do like my my husband...even though he says "herb" with a hard "h." 

I dislike being on the bottom floor of our apartment.  I think my basil would be fairing better right now if we were both south-facing and up a floor or two. 
I do like that we can just walk up a half-flight of stairs to get outside.  

I dislike fatigue.
I do like energetic fun!

I dislike washing dishes,
but I do like doing dishes if my food turns out like this:

strawberry pie! 
plus some pie crust extras with sugar and cinnamon.

tasty pasta dish i threw together! 
with bacon...oh, yes. 


I do definitely like "yum."
I don't dislike doing dishes when the dish ends up being delectable.
I also don't dislike doing dishes when the smoke alarm doesn't go off. 

If you don't like this small font, let me know.  I like it, but I don't want to cause eye-strain for anyone who reads this. 

And if you're at the bottom of this post, thanks for reading. :)


  1. I made it to the bottom :) Can you come cook for me?

  2. Let's have some energetic fun sometime soon. :)


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