Saturday, March 20, 2010

nahm, nahm, nahm....



we ate 


So, SO, so good.  

Feistiness for me (at the moment) is being content only when things are great, 
and getting feisty and doing something about things that aren't. 

Well, one thing I've been trying to be feisty about is my eating and cooking. 

If you knew me in daycare, you knew I 
rivaled just about every kid there for 
the pickiest eater award.

I was always hungry, but my inherited stubbornness*
meant lots of hours of going without food. 

It's not a daycare provider's responsibility to make
a kid LOVE whatever is in front of them. 

My daycare lady 
(Daycare Joanie is what we called her)
always made me at least try what was in front of me. 

If she were my primary adult influence, 
I would have
actually LIKED vegetables before age 23, 
which is when I met my husband. 

Daycare Joanie wasn't my main parental influence, 
so I was very much a meat and potatoes girl. 

That being said, 
if it weren't for my mom and dad, 
I probably wouldn't like good, lake-caught fish,
nor have an affinity for both baking and consuming
confections from the oven. 

Anyways, when I met my husband,
I was a pretty plane Jane when it came to my eating habits. 

Then, well...
fast forward almost 4 years
(since we met, that is),
and I'm eating squash.  

Not only squash, but 
spinach pesto
vegetarian sandwiches with avocado and muenster cheese and mango salsa...
the list goes on and on. 

So, while I don't have a picture of the 
squash for you 
(it was a little too delicous to take 
a picture of prior to devouring, I guess),
I will tell you that
Paula Dean has a mean recipe for acorn squash,
sans the maple syrup.  I just didn't want to add that.

So anyway, that's a little feisty moment, 
albeit not really that big of a deal.  

To me, however, 
food can become a very big deal.  
I get quite cranky when I'm hungry for too long,
and venturing into gastronomical territories unknown
is a big, big deal for me. 

Let me know if you've done this sort of thing as well,
or if you've had some small victory
in your life that
was a big deal for you, too. 

*Inherited stubbornness, as explained to me
by my parents during my youth:

"Laura, you're being so stubborn.  You get that from your mom.  That's the German in you."
"Ugh, Laura, quit being so stubborn.  You get that from your dad, I can tell."
"Laura, Laura, why are you so stubborn about this?  You must have got that from - 
"No, Mom and Dad, I got it from BOTH of you!  
You're both stubborn, and you're BOTH German!"  :)
At least that stubborn personality trait kept me out of trouble whilst in college...
that and God. 

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