Monday, March 8, 2010

Fong's Pizza: Party In My Mouth!

I don't have much to say right now,

and that's a little uncharacteristic as of late, I guess.

But I'm going to say this: 

My senior year of high school involved one 
fairly awesome 
English/Humanities teacher of mine. 

Mr. Himlie.  

Not only was he a good teacher, 
he was a great story teller and a terrific conservationist. 

...and apparently, conversationist is a word, according to Mozilla Firefox. 

So,  when he described Fazolli's bread sticks as a "party in [his] mouth," 

that phrase stuck with me for life. 

On Saturday Night, John and I went to a place called

Many Asian-influenced pizzas plus some influenced by classic American comfort food, like a baked potato.  

If you're ever in DSM, head over to 4th Street downtown and get yourself a slice
of the most intricately composed grab rangoon pizza you shall ever have. 

And don't think this pizza is going to be a cream cheese fest with a ton of sweet and sour sauce.  

It has an amazing balance with some awesome crispy wonton pieces on top.  
SO good, 
and you won't regret going out 
of your comfort zone

It was a party in my mouth.

Yes indeed!

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