Monday, March 15, 2010

This might not be righteous anger...but maybe.

It makes me 




when I see or hear of something being done

to someone who is either
    to prevent it. 

oh, OH so IRATE.

Please, God, make me so aware

that if I ever feel tempted
to make fun of
or demean
or intentionally puff myself up over
or again fail to stand up for
those who are significantly less privileged that I am,

particularly those who are
foreign to this country and are earnestly,
         truly earnestly trying to make good for their loved ones...*
or those who have no ability to live independently
         and are completely reliant on others for a safe, functional life,

You would so bluntly deliver me such an
incredible and unmistakable
kick in the pants**,
that I'd be forever humbled and irreversibly changed in my ways.

Thanks, both in advance and in retrospect.***

* Who in this country HASN'T come, in some way, from this background?!
I am not a proponent of illegal immigration, but I see it as incredibly honorable to sacrifice life and limb to try to work for the good of one's family. 

** I'd use another word here if honorable to God,
considering this is how strong I feel about it.

*** After actually reading this post I just wrote, it's a little scary to ask for such a thing from God.  He delivered on my request for my husband ("God, please don't let me date anyone again until it's my husband," circa 2004).  A grace-filled kick in the pants would be preferred, although grace-filled is not never deserved.

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  1. I completely understand... and have very strong feelings on that particular subject as well.

    A dangerous prayer I find myself praying is "Lord, make me grateful." Since I've started praying this, it seems like the Lord has been constantly stripping back layers of "stuff" that I cling to in life... relationships, financial security, control of my "timeline", control of, well, really anything.

    But you and I can both take heart that David and Jesus and Paul all prayed very "dangerous" prayers. And the LORD used all three of them in mighty mighty ways.


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