Monday, April 5, 2010

Love won.

At church on Sunday
Pastor Phil shared with us that he 
saw a link on a news site Sunday morning
that (I think) was titled
"What the First Century Christians Thought About the Resurrection."

It claimed that many of the first century Christians did not believe that the resurrection actually happened. 

 ...there are only a few lot of issues with that.  
500, to be precise.

There were 500 people (well, not including women or children present)
who saw Christ rise into heaven.
Considering how many people lived in that region during that time
(let alone existed on earth),
and how many of them were witnesses to Jesus' amazing love and power, 
that's a pretty hefty number. 
Really, that's a hefty number even for today. 

What stuck with me more, however,
was what Pastor Phil said after he summarized the article's main idea. 
He said, 
"If Christianity weren't true, why are there so many people out there trying to disprove it?"

Now, this caught me for a moment.  
Not only was I expecting him to ask
          "Why are there so many people who believe in Christianity?",
but I was also did not anticipate an apologetics statement at the beginning of an Easter sermon. 

          -+-+- as a side note, I should have 
guessed a little apologetics would
have been thrown into an 
evangelical sermon.

It was an interesting statement Pastor Phil made.

After all, you don't see a movement
filled with spirited orators 
nor libraries of literature
attempting to denounce 
Santa Claus. 

We let our kids believe that a very rotund Kris Kringle 
will fit down [an almost always non-existent] chimney,
plop some presents under a blue spruce and
plump up a vibrant, sequin-adorned sock
until our lil kiddos are blue in the face.
It happens with Atheists, Born-again-Christians,
and anyone else well beyond and in between, 
as if Santa was some kind of miracle worker.

Christ is THE miracle-worker, and so much more. 

If someone out there is reading this
who doesn't know if they believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ,
here is an article that might help.  
It's better accompanied with reading the Bible and knowing the 
actual person who is our Messiah, 
so check out the book of John or Matthew and find a local church
that isn't afraid to tell you the truth of the Gospel.

But for those of us who do believe in Jesus
and call him our Savior AND Lord,
we know the miracle that He's
already done.


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