Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TTC T - Wheatgrass

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Trying to Conceive (TTC) Tuesday (T):
Wheatgrass - 
a super food and fertility booster?

Ah, super foods.

Really, what is a superfood, anyway?
and who decides what foods get the elevation to the status of "super?"

While you go and Wikipedia that for me,
let's consider wheatgrass.

For someone trying to conceive (TTC), there are likely no shortage of suggestions you've heard before.

I have a natural-food, natural-meds, natural-almost-everything-loving mom-in-law. 
She read once that wheatgrass may help boost fertility, and I paid attention to the suggestion but never acted on it. 

It's pretty clear that a plant so pungent, brightly green, and...interesting-tasting must be good for you, right?  That, and all of the nutrients in it must help with overall health, including restoring the body's pH balance.  For more information, check out the two articles below:

Live Strong Article | E-How Article

I'm thinking of taking the plunge myself, particularly because it is so good for you more so that it might boost fertility.  I say that because I think that it may be better to approach this with overall health in mind rather than some kind of quick-cure for the mystery that is infertility. 

So here's my question to all you google-searching people who've landed here:
If you've tried wheatgrass before, what was your experience?  Would you ever try it?

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