Saturday, December 18, 2010

what i can respect

I can respect an individual's dissidence against an organization because if his or her own personal experiences.

Yet to condemn that organization, belittle its members, and mock its ideals because you simply disagree

I know that in end-times there will be plenty of nay-sayers and fools* who
speak out against
God and his plan. 

It makes me irate, however, when people who have never understood nor 
tried to understand
His character,
His power,
His plan,
nor His love,
nor all the reasons why people choose to follow Him, 
make demeaning and offensive comments. 

I don't mind opposing opinions, really,
and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, 
but really, 
belittling others does not a single favor for anyone's argument. 

I think I may have given those people some tips...

Anyway, what I can respect, 
is when people who disagree can at least view 
each other as humans and 
have sensible discussion. 

And please, don't get me wrong-
I've been on both sides of many different opinion and belief "fences"
and have received ridicule for it.  
The statement I made above 
               is not without an understanding of those 
                                        with an sensible - not sensational - opposing point of view. 

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