Tuesday, December 7, 2010

talk to me tuesday...no - a stream of conscience!

This TtMT is going to be written on Wednesday, 
because my day was pretty busy and 
I didn't follow Heidi's suggestion of pre-writing this out.  

Oh well, 
but just so you know, 
I'll be talking about what my favorite things are (and you can do the same!).  

it's going to be half of my favorite things, 
half what I would love to have, 
and a smidgeon of something else mixed in.  

there you go.  :)

But as for now, we're at my in-laws, 
doing what we typically do best at the moment 
                            (avoiding going to bed like a snot-flinging first grader), 
and keeping very busy.

God's blessed us, and 
we've been able to get rid of a lot of stuff 
as well as save a lot of money, too. 

It also doesn't hurt that John's parents have a 
wood burning fireplace (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), which should
come really in handy once we get snow 
dumped on us this weekend
          (and once we move our sorted-through clothes bins out of the living room!).  

70% chance of snow, Iowa.  70% chance = BAM! 

Oh well - Christmas needs snow anyway!!  
it's the law.  The MN law.  MN is the best.  Also, 
snow will help my husband and dad-in-law find that 30-pt buck a tad bit easier.  

I guess I'd better stack up on baking supplies.  It will be a good weekend for that!

Ok, I think that this is it:
your evidence of how my brain works once I'm too tired to be awake but still am awake.  

So goodnight, all.  
Sleep well, 
or have a great day, 
depending on when you read this.


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