Thursday, December 9, 2010

TTmT on Wednesday...rolling into Thursday!

Talk to Me Tuesday is, roughly put What are your favorite things (think Oprah)?

Well, I don't like Oprah really,
but I do like Heidi,
so I'll stick to this topic!

Like I said yesterday, some of these are my favorites currently, and some are things I just like a lot that I might not have now!

But right now, I'm just going to say God is my favorite.  He's amazing.  I'd be nothing without Him.  Nothing.  So I can't really put a number on that because He is bigger than anything else on this list (from TV to my understand, John. :) ).  He provides everything, including his Son.  So he's my innumerable favorite, and that's not really saying anything in comparison to who He is.

And now on to important...and not important things!

1. Chocolate-covered hazelnuts.  Particularly those from Spruengli Chocolates in Switzerland.  So, so good.  Especially when they are dusted with cocoa powder. 

2. Germany. I could go on and on and on and on.  Just ask my husband. 

3. Speaking of which, my husband (of course!) is on of my favorites, and I placed him on my favorite number!  Double wammy! 

4. Minnesota.  I am about to enter into/am currently in a lifestyle where I'll be constantly moving every few years.  No matter where I go, however, I'll always be checking the Twins scores, reminiscing about working at the ol' beaten-down PI pool, and living in the best state in the U.S. 

5. These shoes, called Tieks.  So cute - and they come in my size!!!!!   If you have $135 lying around, feel free to get a pair for me.  Well, when they actually get a decent supply in stock. 

6. Vintage things.  I just got a necklace from a local vintage store called Dorathea's Closet (well, was local for me, now a little bit away), and they have all sorts of really cool things there.

7. Eden and all it's pretty-smelling things!!!!! 

8. Grace Church.  We've had some of the best fellowship and teaching here that I've ever received from a church since I became a Christian. 

9. Journals.  I especially like this particular journaling idea! It's just cool to look back at things that might have stood out to you at some point.  I need to do this more regularly.

10. The Office.  I love ironic comedy that is based heavily on verbal humor as well as the episodic nature of the story-telling .  Man, it's so, so funny, and YES, nay-sayers, it HAS gotten better since the second and third seasons!  However, I'm so bummed that Steve Carell is leaving. 

11. Google Reader!

12.  Babies and little kids.  Oh, I love 'em!  Give me a dozen. Or 20.  20 + a dozen.  Or one...I'll take one! 

13.  Lastly (because I need to stop somewhere), my friends and family - of course!!!

14.  Lastly (for real!)  Spring and summer and all the flowers and balmy evenings that go with them!  Sans mosquitoes, though. 

Ok - goodnight!

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  1. Love your list! :) I can't believe those shoes are $135. They must be really comfy. And I LOVE that journaling idea. I'm really excited to print off my Project 365 this year. It's already fun to go back and look at where we were not quite a year ago.
    Where's Iowa on your list? ;)


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