Thursday, May 27, 2010

swimsuits, shopping, in-laws.

Not much to say here,

but I am entering this swimsuit give away 
(Thanks for the link-up, Kristen! check out her blog and Etsy shop!) 

I'm a sucker for a good swimsuit, and - wait...

I'm a sucker for good style. 

When my birthday came around last year, 
my father-in-law told me he and my mom-in-law were
going to take me shopping.  $100 on whatever I wanted.  

This was HUGE for me, 
because it had been a good year and a half 
(aside from a few cheap Target tops) 
since I had gotten anything new for myself. 

Plus, if anyone has ever read For Men Only by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn, you know how most women feel about how they look.  

So when the big day came, I wanted to buy things that were fashionable, feminine, and ... frugal.  I needed to replace a lot of my old clothes, and I've been t-shirts and jeans for a long, long time. 
I want to know show my (hopefully some day if God decides to say "sure, you betcha") future daughter how to dress modestly, comfortably, and femininely.  T-Shirts and jeans are great, but they are also super easy (I'm wearing them now!) and I'd like to figure out how to better put a more feminine outfit together.

There were a lot of pretty things at the mall, but even a generous $100 gift only goes so far these days.  I once, for fun, selected everything I would like to get from J.Crew online into a shopping basket, just to see how much it was.  Let's just say I didn't make that much in about four months last year.  

Anyways, with the help of my father-in-law's [completely unbeknownst to me] astute fashion sense and plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of patience from my husband and his parents during my 4-hour excavation through Jordan Creek Town Centre for good fashions at frugal prices.  

It was a successful trip, and I had a lot of fun and lots of respect for my husband and his parent's for continually reminding me that yes, it was ok to look in this store, then the next, and yes, that next one, too.  "Take your time, Laura," they'd say.
They're pretty great. 

But yeah, I want one of those swimsuits, so I'm linking up. 

I guess I did have something to say!  


  1. Argh. Clothes. The bane of my existence. I love them and hate them. I love them on other people, and then when they get home... not so much. Hope you win the swimsuit!

  2. I want to see your new clothes sometime!

  3. Oh, Em, you've already seen them. That event happened last fall! Not much new since then.

  4. Ok... well... now you know I skim your blog posts rather than reading them in detail. :)


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