Monday, May 3, 2010

i think he'll make a good dad...

hi all.
it's been a while, i know.
and while I'm pretty sure not a lot of people have actually noticed,
i still care if you have, and will continue to blog. 

so, back to the title of this post.
our community garden plot is located next to an apartment complex
that houses several immigrants 
(most of them refugees, it seems) 
and their kiddos.  

these kids are often playing over at the playground near our garden 
              - located on at a nearby elementary school -
and their parents' and complex neighbors have about half of the plots. 

so when someone other than their parents and neighbors show up,
particularly a guy who's 6'4" and a lady who's 5'10",
they get interested.

tonight, six girls, all about age 8 or so,
asked if they could help.  i told them we were almost done and didn't
really need much more help.  thanks, though!
but instead of staying at the playground, 
they came over 
                       - via skipping and cartwheels and somersaults - 
and talked to us anyway.

no, they didn't just talk to us...
they followed us like little shadows, doing
just about everything we were trying to do. 

they helped John tear apart some pant containers
to put some tomatoes in the ground.
they ran their fingers through the piles of
chives John's co-worker gave to us (mostly as a bug repellent). 
they helped me pull up weeds and grass that were about to 
smother our snow peas.  man, they were great at that!

i talked to them a bunch, but soon there were only two of the six
girls helping me pull grass.  
eventually one of them said to me,
"i'm going to go over by your husband."

they were shifting back and forth from John and i anyways, but
when I looked up, 
you see:

my husband's going to make a good dad. 

probably a great one. 

p.s. no, that's not our garden in the front there.  someone got fancy.  
i wish i knew all their assembly tricks! 
however, unfortunately for them, 
they planted jalapenos next to green bell peppers. 
those are going to be some spicy bells!  
maybe they want them that way. 


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