Friday, May 21, 2010

recipe time!

Well, I just feel like writing, but I don't feel like doing paperwork, so this is my next best and/or actually better option.  Not really better regarding my wallet, but paperwork can wait until tonight I suppose. 

A while back I posted a picture - the one on the right - of a meal I made for John and I.  It's super-dee-duper easy, and it tastes really good.  Here's the run down, as I remember it, and keep in mind that this "recipe" happened Rachel Ray style: no real measurements.  

Half-a-box of thick pasta, not stringy like spaghetti or fettuccine.  That's rotini in the picture. 
Olive oil
About 6 or 7 leaves of basil
Probably 10 or 12 grape tomatoes
4 or 5 green onions
4 pieces of bacon
A good hand-full and a half of shredded Parmesan

Get a pot and fill it about 2/3 of the way up with hot* water. Turn up the heat and let that water sizzle!

Salt the water and drizzle some olive oil or canola oil or whatever you like (but probably not peanut, corn, or any other oil with a distinct taste) right on the top of the water.   I don't think I invented this trick, but in case you haven't seen it, the oil keeps the water from boiling over the pot. 
While it might look like this, don't worry - it doesn't bite. 

In the meantime, slice the tomatoes how you'd like.  If it's important to you to get tomatoes in every bite, cut them smaller.  If know what to do.  Set them aside.

Stack the basil leaves in a pile, roll them up into a little cigar shape, slice them down the middle (length-wise), then slice them width-wise into little pieces.  Set aside.

Grab the onions, slice them into little pieces about a half inch or so long, then set them aside, too. 

Once that water is boiling, pop the pasta in and let it roll. 

Heat up a fry pan on medium heat.  Take your bacon and chop it up.  I don't have a sound-proof way to do this, but you could take a kitchen scissors and start cutting.  That's pretty simple.  

Put the bacon into the hot pan and let it cook.  Once it's done, take it out of the pan and put it on some paper towels to drain.  

When the pasta is done (al dente/sticks to a wall...maybe/soft but not mushy), drain it, set the pot on a cool surface, and put the pasta back in. 

Put all the ingredients you sliced along with the Parmesan into the pot.  

Mix it up, 
serve it up, 
be happy.  

Let me know if you try this, and especially if you use anything different!  
I'm always wondering what else to make for dinner. 

*Has anyone else heard that cold water boils faster than hot?  I know I heard that from a reputable source in the past, but apparently that's not true. 

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  1. it's a myth! I've actually heard that before, so I wanted to know the answer too :) here's a link!
    I'm glad to hear that the opposite is true - I had heard that too - that hot water freezes quicker thank cold water!

    Hope you're having a great summer! Go to the farmers market, pick up some more yummy ingredients, and share some pics & recipes girl!


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