Monday, June 7, 2010

to my far, faraway friends:

Just a little something for my far, faraway friends.  
I'm thinking about you guys!

I miss you, Kristen and Heath, who I've told at least once or twice to move to Des Moines while you contemplate the next step for your family.  
C'mon you guys.  
You know you wanna... 
plus Ainsley needs her Laura fix.  She doesn't realize this, but it's true.

I miss you, Kate and Brian.  We didn't do enough couple-dates before you guys left...
If we're on the same continent again, 
we'll make up for lost time and missed grilling/boulevard-with-lemon opportunities.
You know it's gonna happen!

I miss you, Dan and Lynn.  You two (and soon-to-be three) are also half-way across the world, 
and it's quite clear that's where God wants you. 
That being said, 
I also think that God may want you back in the state that is 
known for the bacon and other pork-products. 
It's ok; we'll save some for you when you come back in 
Whenever that is. 

 --- I miss seeing my sister.  I'll be sending her something soon, hoping that entices her to come down to Iowa.  Really, it's not that far. I suppose she doesn't really qualify as a "faraway friend," since it costs less and probably takes just a little more time to come here than it would to go to a nice restaurant in the cities. ---

I miss you, my host family!  I hope to catch up with you you again as soon as we're able!
Karen (host mom), Markus (host dad), Ella, Karla, and baby-now-3-year-old Paula who was in her Mommy's belly when I last saw her:  Veilleicht ihr konnt in diesem Sommer nach Iowa fahren, wenn ihr den USA besucht!  :) 
Maybe you can come visit Iowa this summer when you visit the USA.  
You'll read this some day, I hope!

I miss my pledge kid, Laurel.  She's in Morocco working for the Peace Corps.  
It's right up her alley, 
and I hope that alley returns safely back to Iowa really soon!  
I miss ya, kiddo!  

I miss my good friend, Jen!  
Soon you won't be so faraway, and that makes me excited!!! 
You know, everytime I read your blog, I say "me, too!" or "I was thinking the same thing!"  
Sometimes I say those things out loud.  
Then I realize that you are in California and I'm in Iowa. 
That makes me think I should call you soon.  Maybe?  Yes. 

I also miss my other good friend, Jen!  You'll randomly call or e-mail me out-of-the-blue, and it's always awesome to catch up.  It's dawning on me that you'll be in Hong Kong  in no time.  
Gotta chat before you leave! 

I miss you, Brenda!  It was awesome last summer 
how Jeremy and John totally geeked-out over video games.  You know that's true!  
Someday we'll meet up and have an all-out Wii-athon!  You in?  We are! 

And I miss you, Jill!  You know, I saw on the news the other day that this film industry person native to Iowa was coming back here to get inspiration and create awesome stories.  Once you're done with that ABC job, you come back home.  I mean it.  

I love you guys!  
Be safe and come home/to the Midwest (namely IA or MN) soon, ya hear??  :)


  1. I'm so excited to be closer to you too! You and the mister will always have a place to stay in St. Paul as long as we're there. :] PS-I love this background! Where did you get it?


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