Friday, May 14, 2010

hello, creative blockage, and a lil' dis- and that (v. 5)

It's been a while again
and this will be short,

but I just wanted to say
to the blogosphere and friends 
and let you all know that I'm not giving up on this thing.

Why do I feel compelled to write that? 
Well, it may be more so for me because,
I've started three or four blogs before and haven't gone past the 3rd post on any of them. 

Anyone who knows me knows I'm an English teacher 
                 (although not working as one at the moment)
and a writer, too
                 (let it be known that not all English teachers are proficient writers),
so writing these things can take some time for me
because I don't take them lightly...
                                               ....maybe that's my problem...

anyways, I'll end this about now with a lil' 
dis- and that, 
just because I feel like it!  
Sorry if you don't find this too inspiring.  
I promise (although I honesty can't) that my next blog will be ah-MAY-zing.  
or just amazingly delicious looking... :)  

dis- and that, v. 5

I dislike when I get caught in terenchal rain not once but three times within one day.
I do like that I didn't have to go to my garden to water the plants 
                                                              (a.k.a. sprawling grass) that are growing!

I dislike the cool-down that Iowa had this week.
I do like that I didn't get frozen like my MN fam and friends!

I dislike cleaning,
but I do LIKE when my apartment is all spic and span!

I dislike not having a vacation planned for this summer/fall,
but I do like dreaming with my husband about what we may *hopefully* soon get to do!

I do like that my husband is home from all his work trips for a while,
and I do LOVE that God gave him to me!  :)

and that's about that.  
write to ya lata!

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