Saturday, April 24, 2010

dis- and that, v. 4

here we go again,
because i simply can't focus lately!
that is, i can't focus enough
to get anything done that require long periods of concentration.

so, the pending food and theological blogs aren't done yet...
maybe tomorrow.

ANYWAYS, here we are!

dis and that, volume 4.

I dislike being weak and out of shape.  Softball practice proved that i am
NOT where i need to be for the season!
I do like that God made our bodies "rebound-able," in that
our bodies aren't cement molds that can't be put back into good shape!

I dislike my sweet tooth.  I wish it were a vegetable tooth!
I do like that some how, some way, my taste buds are liking non-sugary things more and more!

I dislike that our friends B+K live an ocean and a half continent away.
I do like that God made them awesome travelers ready to do his work!

I dislike how much fear controls me.
I do like that God making it quite clear that my fears are conquerable through Him.

I dislike spitter-sputter mist.  Just rain, clouds!  :)
I do like thunderstorms that aren't severe. It's cool when we can do what we need to do despite the fact that the skies are more-or-less splitting open!

That's about it for tonight.  I hope your Sunday is awesome tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. thanks for the shout-out laura!
    we're missing you guys too...
    and dsm! it's a great place too...


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