Saturday, January 2, 2010

quick start

Here's my first entry. Let's see how long this blog lasts.

This may or may not be my third attempt at real blogging,
i.e. actually writing something consistently,
and by consistently,
I mean more than once a month, year...etc.

Welcome, to whoever is reading this.
Maybe one person, maybe more, maybe no one.
We'll see.

I'll explain more about why I'm even doing this blog later, but for now, the first day of this decade (actually, the second day and some change),
I wanted to start off with a quick and simple intro.

This last year I was pretty
and unsure of
who I was or
what I was doing with my life.
I figured out, though, that through the trials my husband and I experienced in 2009,
I was a lot more than just those four things.

Most of all, I figured out that there is no reason for me to be those four things, even if I don't have a clear goal for my life at the moment. That's what God taught me, and He has called me and every person on earth to be a lot more than that.

So for now, this is what I know about me:
I'm Laura.
I'm a christian.
a wife.
a teacher (on paper, not by trade at the moment).
a friend.
a creator (but not The Creator).
a competitor.
a lapsed athlete.
a lapsed musician.
and maybe - or definitely - a few other things.
And...I'm feisty.

Not feisty as in agitated, angry, nor discontent. Feisty, as in the fact that I'm choosing to live instead of just choosing to wake up.
I'm choosing to actually do something with myself instead of being complacent about it. I'm choosing to actually speak up and not to just let life float on by.

I'm choosing, hoping to be feisty: spirited, spunky...and maybe a little scrappy?
full of energy, courage, animation...and definitely a little gumption.
Hopefully never lacking in zeal, keeping spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.

Like I ought to be.

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  1. Hey Laura! :) What a great name for your blog and I can't wait to keep up with your life this way! Thanks for choosing to share your thoughts with us all!!


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