Wednesday, January 27, 2010



....JUST maybe....

I'll use this baby (a.k.a. blog) to document the ventures I go on in my small, every-day life.



Anyways, here are some things I've got going today and for the next several and, for now, innumerable days:

1. Documentation for work.
Oh how I do dislike this absolutely necessary and equally mundane part of my job.

2. Finding information to keep myself and my dad healthy.

As an aside: In the future I'll write a blog about how much chemotherapy sucks.
Please don't scathe me if it's worked for you or your family.
You know how rough this treatment is.
And I'm speaking via secondary experience (not my own).

3. Cooking. I've got some organic blueberries my husband got from Walmart for all of $3 a pint.
Can you believe it? Now, what to do with them besides freezing them for incredible deliciousness later...

...I better make this blog public so I'm not constantly talking to myself... I am doing now...

The end.

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