Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well, there are a few things that have lapsed since I last wrote.

How about TWO WHOLE WEEKS be one of them?


:::sarcastically scolding myself...
...maybe not so sarcastically:::

Actually, the two things I wanted to mention regarding them being "lapsed" were my athleticism and my musicality. This is more so an explanation to my original post.
I suppose I write this because I'd like to change this part of my life... huh.


I was a three sport athlete in HS and worked out semi-often in college.

**These are both true, but don't take the three-sport athlete too seriously.
I rode the bench in softball my senior year,
but boy did I do those sprints in practice!**

I say "semi-often" regarding working out because that's what it averaged out to be.

When it was time for intramurals or to shed the freshmen 20 (no, not 15...20),
I worked out regularly.
When those events/goals had expired,
I usually quit working out.

That's why "regular" doesn't quite work here.

During my senior and super-senior years in college, I took up dance.

I took 3 dance classes over the course of four semesters,
did a musical skit competition and a lip sync competition with my sorority,
and walked almost everywhere I went.

Lots of dancing,
lots of walking,
lots of whole-milk latte-drinking to make up for it. :)

Kind of kidding...kind of not.

Anyways, after college and the subsequent two years that followed,

I never worked out or was on a team aside from speed walking up-and-down hallways and around where I worked.
So now that I'm working with several special needs people
who enjoy being physically active


I may be resuming activities that will require several
"sorority squat"
poses for photo opportunities,
I do believe that I'm going to have to get these hind-parts back in gear.

That, and I'd like to stunt the many health issues that both my immediate and extended family has dealt with in the past couple decades.


If I wasn't at sports practice
doing insane, adrenalin-driven amounts of research for speech team,
I was doing something with music.

and the occasional practicing of the piano were definitely
a part of my rearing as I grew up.

Sadly, I haven't had that kind of an outlet, and I'm losing my intonation.

Time to get back into it, but I need to figure out through what mode.

I've got my viola.
I don't have a piano.
There is the opportunity of joining my church choir,
but that doesn't meet too often (I don't think).

I'll figure something out.

And soon, I'll probably switch to writing about something other than myself.
Sound like a plan? Sounds like one to me!

That's all...for now.

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