Thursday, January 28, 2010

dis- and that, volume #1

i should tag these posts...
...i will.

thinks I dislike, things i like. volume 1.

i dislike the word "maven." i don't know why. am I the only one?

i do like the words "incredulous," "cognizant," and the german phrase "ja, genau."

i dislike the complete absence of punctuation in writing. i'd rather a plethora of commas than absolutely no road signs for what people are trying to say through the written word.

i do like when people use punctuation, even incorrectly. they'll figure it out, but at least they care enough to let their readers know what they are trying to say.

i aM nOt a BIG fAN of RaNDom cAPs...was at a time, not now.

i don't mind when nothing is capitalized. sometimes i feel like putting in the effort, sometimes not.

and that ↑

is all for now.

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  1. The word "disambiguation" has been stuck in my head recently.


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