Sunday, January 31, 2010

just a thought or two

What am I feisty about, what..what..what...what am I feisty about today.

A little stream of conscience
mixed with a whole lotta stylizing!

brace thine self.

Well, we had a great sermon at church today.

Is Christ a stumbling stone in your life
or the stone you stand upon for all the stability and security you could possibly imagine?

Romans 9:4-7. Believe it.

... are you living free but not running wild,

or falling constantly only to realize it's Christ trying to help you up?
I paraphrased that last part, but it was an excellent sermon.

I love it when preachers convey how only four somewhat succinct verses,
albeit in Romans,
can produce more than an hour of
heart-wrenching truth
about our lives and the world we live in.


My job almost got the best of me yesterday.
Truth be told, though, it's going to make me a fantastic parent.

Truth be told again, that "fantastic" part will only be realized
when my future children,
should God bless my husband and I with that,
will only be accurate based on how my kids turn out.

how they turn out because of my and my husband's child rearing,
their obedience to God and his son Jesus,
and their repentance from sin and it's good friend Satan.

That be all tonight.

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