Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day of Thanks - #2

Today I'm thankful for my husband's service to our country. 

He's at drill today, so I'm home alone.  I was planning on hanging out with a friend, but I really need to clean the house a lot.

My husband, however, is an hour away, and today he has preached at chapel service and is hopefuflly getting to know the soldiers in the unit.  That's his job - to get to know people and to be someone they can talk to.

I don't know all the people he gets to talk to, neither by having met them nor hearing all of the stories in detail, but I know that he is appreciated and I appreciate what he's doing.

This week the U.S. Army,
                 or someone in the all-wise federal government,
changed the rules of eligibility for reserve and active duty Army chaplains.
See an example of the differences between chaplains and chaplain candidates here.

While John still has plenty of time to be a chaplain candidate, it's now going to take
a few more (very steep) steps to get to the full chaplain level, both in the reserves or active duty.

Still, I'm thankful for what the military has meant and continues to mean to my husband,
and I hope that God keeps confirming this ministry and opportunity for him.

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