Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a writer.

I think the first time I ever said that
I was a "writer" was
just this last spring to my then-boss.

Long-story-short, we were talking about
the nature of our communications department
(3 people strong!)
and how it had developed.  My boss was great, and
he gave me and my coworker a lot of writing projects to do.

As this conversation started to conclude, I said, with
great hesitation,
"I like this job - I like the creativity, and I like writing,
because I am a writer."  There was
a pause after that,
because I don't always feel like my blogging is "writing" rather
than just talking and
leading you all through my thought process.

Some people call this kind of writing
I call it
actively causing you're eye to
follow my words by using
progressive verb tense and
prepositional phrases.
              Also, the use of interesting
                                formatting doesn't hurt with
                                                obtaining your attention, either.

Anyway, I'm saying these things because
     a. I read the Daily Generous Wife blog,
         b. The author of that blog linked this 15-day writing activity, and
             c. I've had a lot of thoughts in my head lately, and this is at least one
                 that is easy to get out.

Also, on a whole other topic,
today is the anniversary of D-Day.
I'm incredibly thankful for the
immense bravery and sacrifice
the soldiers had on that day.

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