Monday, June 25, 2012

ray of life

I always thought geometry was the most practical of all the math disciplines.

Sure, if you're in a math-heavy field,
linear algebra or differential equations may be a bit more relevant for you.

Geometry, I feel, truly can reflect time and space.

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In May,  I was up in MN for my sister's graduation and mother's day.

It was a good weekend for sure, but a hard one, too.

My sister looked gorgeous (per usual) with her friends on that day,

her boyfriend (a true winner) was loyal and dedicated in every way,

and my mom looked as proud as punch both on that day and the day before
when we celebrated her in our lives.

I'd be lying, however, if I said that there wasn't any sadness that day.

Just a little more than 9 months had passed since my dad died;

9 months is hardly a school year's worth of time.

He was so close to seeing Ash walk across that stage.
So close,

Nothing is farther away than a loved one in a place that you can't see,
can't call,
can't visit.

So close,

--- --- --- --- ---

A ray is a line which starts at a certain point with given coordinates,
and then
the line goes off in a particular direction to infinity,
possibly through a second point.


After looking at this definition and this picture, I see 3 things:

1. The end point, no matter how close it is to something, is the beginning of an end.
2. The ending direction doesn't stop.
3. The end can pass through, possibly, a second point.

My dad thankfully passed through a second point. 
He died - his life on earth is done, and it is absolutely painful for us who wish he was here.
He passed through the point of death, and then he passed through the point of life.

Eternal life - in heaven - is now what he has.
Eternal life - in heaven, with God and Christ - is now what he has...infinitely. 

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