Tuesday, March 1, 2011

this is what happens...when you are working.

Hi all!

I'm just writing quick because I want to quick say hi!

I've been working lately for a temp. position at a local business around here.  

Apparently all my English degree skills are 
valuable with this job, not because 
I can whip up a rhetorical analysis that will bring a tear to your eye, 
but because I can copy and paste with the best of them. 

Blogging has actually given me some skills that have proven useful with this job, too - 
hyperlinking is an art, people.  
Especially hyperlinking that is not intentionally vague.

I'll try to get back into this more - I know some of you have
requested a blog or two!  

For now, I need to conserve some energy 
(and eventually produce it by way of sleeping) 
for an interview tomorrow here on campus. Wish me luck/pray that it works out! 

And if you want a little more of me,
                 (who doesn't?...well, I can think of some people!) 
You can check out this blog post that I did (with a little tweaking from my friend!) on 
B. in the know - the blog!
It was quite the undertaking which
I was happily excited to do!

That's all for tonight. 
Time to finish "Chopped" on Hulu and 
dream about our mini-spring break back in the Land o' Corn.  
Soon(I hope!) we will go to the Land o' Lakes!


  1. Everyone should go check out Laura's post - it is great and really helpful!
    Much love,

  2. GOOD LUCK TODAY!!! I'll be praying for ya!

  3. Laura, Let us know when you're back in the Land O Corn... We'd love to try & see you if possible! Hope your interview went well! Love, Lynn


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