Sunday, March 13, 2011

oh, Lent...*

So for this Lent I've given up sugary sweets, including - 

I've given up sweets every day except for Sundays, when I 
will make my own sweet thing or 
buy something particularly special, because who wants 
a random Hershey's kiss, etc., when you haven't had sweets for a whole week?

Not me, thanks. 

So today I wanted to make a dark chocolate and pear tart, but -  

Bah!  As I wrote that sentence above,
I coughed 3 times. 

Yes, I have a cold, and the
only answer for it is 
meh.  Halls drops, or something. 

A cowbell would be too aggravating at this time.

Anyways, I decided to feature these deserts I make over the coming Sundays on my blog.  

Today's post -well, the food portion of it- will wait until 
Tuesday, or 

This cold is weird, and I'm not sure why, 
but it most likely has something to do with my 
winning streak with cold/flu illnesses over the last...2 years.  

So since I'm so unfamiliar with cold and flu treatments, 
tell me what you guys out there do for a cold.  
I'm drinking lots of O.J. and water and
getting tons of sleep.  

Oh, and I've been laying off the junk food (per Lent), so
please give me some tips for easy things to snack on during the day,
especially during work. 

That's about it for me,
something more enlightened to come in the following days.  

Hope your clocks are turned ahead!

*dot dot dot-s, or elipses (elipsis is singular), are too often used (!!!).  
i don't mind it today, though...
it's probably because of my cold.  

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