Friday, January 28, 2011

not really a feel-good post, but it get's better at the end.

so it's not as easy as i thought to -

wait, i don't think i ever thought life would be easy,

but anyways, I am still trying to adjust here in Deerfield.

For me, personally, moving was never anything I grew up with, 
nor was it something that I actually got used to in college,
and I've come to recognize that every move we've made
has been harder
and harder
for me.  

So I've been battling and losing to a lot of Satan's attacks:
and guilt about those two things,
plus frustration. 

Fun times!

No, seriously, 
after a little breakdown a couple of days ago,
things are back to being a lot better.


except that I don't have a job yet.

I've begun to realize I need to get out and branch out ASAP. 

I'm always better when I'm working and
involved in something,
and dang it - I want some new leggings
and a hat that doesn't crimp my bangs. 

So I'm looking for work still, and 
I know that God will provide it.  

I wish I could find a job that paid what I made when I was teaching,
i mean - my bachelors degree is worth more than minimum wage!
but let's be honest:
public education is at least a year or two behind the rest of
private industry when it comes to improvement in employment. 

that first teaching job drove me a little crazy!!  
Oddly enough, almost all my students loved me,
so maybe they were a little crazy, too.  
Actually, get rid of that "maybe" (my students would agree). 

So I'm still truckin', 
and I'll be writing again.

Enjoy what you're about to see and read,
(I've got about 4 or 5 posts in "edit")
and thanks for 
sticking around!


  1. We liked you as a teacher because you were real. You taught us, yes, but also told us what your strengths and weaknesses were concerning what you were actually teaching. We appreciated that you listened to us and dealt with us the best that you could at your age then. Also, those of us who paid attention could see how the job was going for you personally. You wouldn't bring that to the class, usually, and if the subject was brought up you were completely honest. Students, and people in general, respond well to honesty.

    Hang in there, Laura. Even if you hold up and cook, or read, or even write for a while that is alright. It is natural to feel the way you do when you move after continually moving around. Take comfort that you will find a way to be content, if not happy, while you live there. There is always a way if there is a will for it, you know that. Keep in mind that it is also winter. Soon, it will be spring and you can go explore more.

    Tara H.

  2. I told you my weeknesses?!! I thought I was hiding them, not telling you them outright!!!! Oh, what a sad realization...

    Kidding. But really, Thank you very much, Tara! And yes, I'm not a Winter person. That's why I changed my background. If I could make it work, I'd have a bunch of flowers on there instead, but something with my monitor (the small size?) prevents me from seeing my whold blog background. Anyway, thanks for the comment and the encouragement! I hope you're loving your 2nd semester in college!


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