Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 = size 11 shoes (alt. title: HELLO, SHOE INDUSTRY!)

2011 = the perfect year for the footwear industry to
respect me and my fellow long-footed females and
make a decent supply of size 11 sneakers,
and all other
That's shoes, for all the search engines out there.
Shoe shopping is something that can turn me into the hip-happiest girl in the mall
or into a serious case of the cranky-pants.

                                        It's not easy being...long-footed. 

Quick tidbit of information before I progress:

Now some of you may say "Size 11??  That's BIG!"  

Not so, my friends.  
For most of us size 11's, our feet are LONG, 
and for a some of us 
                         (well, some of them, in my very narrow-footed regard), 
our feet might be WIDE, regardless of their length.  
And for those of use who don't want to be PC/accurately sensitive, they are just big.
Just wanted to throw that out there before I go on for a bit, since I am, of course, an expert in terminology. 

...of course. 

Anyways, if I say "Size 11" enough on this post, some search engine will pick it up and show a shoe exec somewhere that 2011 is the perfect time to help us lanky ladies and give us a supply of size 11 shoes that is at least moderately available for the duration of the season. 

See, I was recently politely told by a shoe store professional the other day that 11's are the first ones to go.

What she didn't get to hear me say while working me for her commission (and trying to convince me that the shoes that pinched my toes were actually really well cushioned) was that us size 11 girls know those shoes are the first to go.

It's like being the first hyena in the Serengeti to spot a lone, half-eaten carcass, except in our case the carcass has been fashioned into a size 11 knee-high boot perfect for any fall or winter outfit.  

It's like personifying a human bulldozer on Black Friday to get to the back of a Best Buy for one of the only 5 ultra-ueber-ultimate size 11 1980" flat screens available in stock.  
It's like searching a deserted island for that elusive size 11 treasure chest only to realize that it was scooped up by some other lucky chica in the first place...several weeks ago, at full price... 

That's what it's like, usually.  

I'm sure that this happens to other people who have features that are also in the extremes.  
There are probably other posts like this out there right now.  

All I am saying is that, for 2011, shoe industry, make more size 11's.  It's a natural time to do it.   

Well...if not natural, 
at least it's correlative. 

Also, if you know where to find some nice, reasonably priced
                                    (less than $1,000 - thanks, search engines),
                                         leather boots good for getting around the Windy City, 
                                                                                                   (and size 11, of course),
please let me know. 



  1. I just found your blog through Kingdom Twindom.

    I don't really care too much for shoe shopping, but my son does! And poor guy, he wears a size 15. And he just turned 15 in January. It is impossible to find size 15's that he likes ("I'm a teenager, Mom! Geesh!") and can wear. Most men's sizes stop at 13.

    Hope you find your boots soon!

  2. Katie - I just posted some links on your blog; hope they help!


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