Monday, April 19, 2010



This post
is going to be about
almost nothing particular!

I said I'd post today
so here it is.


I have a few posts in the works that 
very well may end up
not getting posted.  

I mentioned once or twice 
a while back
that i had three or four politically inspired posts started.

Well, considering that these posts will only be resolved
by the elections this coming november. 
PLENTY of time to write!  


I neglected to mention last night
that one of the things i was up to lately
(which happened quite sporadically, actually!)
was that i got to see little Reese.  
Will my baby fever EVER end?  
Not if that little bundle of cuteness has anything to say about it.  
Do go read her story.  
At only 11 months, her story's got
written all over it!

Also, there are three little boys
age 1 month to about 15 months 
in our small group at church.
The oldest one comes in at the end each time
with a HUGE smile on his face.
He runs to his dad (who leads our class)
and points to everything in the room saying "Da???" (a.k.a. "that???")
He wants to know what everything is.  SO cute. 


we've got a buttercup (not butternut) squash here 
sitting on my kitchen table. 
I'm looking to make that up tomorrow or Wednesday. 
It'll be sort of delicious if the squash is still good when
it's cracked open. 


If anyone out there has even an inkling
of job opportunities for teachers around here (DSM),
let me know. 

please.  (I've already seen the job op. at Johnston, btw.)


Well, we have started a couple of plots
at a community garden just north of our apt.
A 12x18 plot is both smaller and bigger than 
I thought.
Small, because it's tricky to grow a lot of the 
plants (squash! blueberries!) I'd like to grow in that space .
Big, because a WHOLE lotta weeds can 
grow in that space. 
But don'tcha know, John got us another plot right next to ours
that just happened to be abandoned by a 
disenchanted wasgonnabeand/orwannabe fellow gardener.
Maybe some squash can happen after all.  You know,
the kind that can have a WHOLE lotta sugar, butter, and awesomeness. 


I'd better stop while I'm ahead...or behind. 
Mostly, I just wanted to quickly write something so I'd get back into it again. 
Look for a food post and maybe another theological post in the next coming days. 

And thanks for reading, whether you made it this far or not.

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