Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TTC Tuesdays - An Opener

This is a new series for a new blog of mine that will post on all or most Tuesdays -
Trying to Conceive Tuesdays -TTC Tuesdays for short.

It will ramble through the many questions, frustrations, irony, and sarcastic/dry/dark/light/ridiculous humor that comes with living in the world of infertility.

Today's topic - An Opener

If you have told your family, friends, and
maybe the world
                (if you blog)
that you are trying to have a baby,
then any announcement comes with an assumption of
"You're pregnant!

So, when you have been going through infertility and
start a conversation with a friend by saying "I've got some news -"
be sure to say "and I'm not pregnant" as
quickly as you can.  

No need to have your friend to spread
fake news,
false hope,
or fantasy-ful ideas about how to get an in on the middle name of your future kid.

This is a re-post from the trial version of this blog.  If you're read it before, thanks for checking back in. :)

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