Monday, February 25, 2013

The land.

It's an interesting thing,
having grown up in a small town that was
very much tied to the country
                       (that is, rural-land-country)
being brought up by parents
who were from a town of less than 300,
my entire sense of balance is completely off when
it just isn't quite right -
"it" being "the land."

It wasn't until snow came back this past month that
I started to feel any sense of normalcy with
how the weather has been.

When global warming was the pre-climate change
and people actually were a little ok with
El Nino
making winters tolerable
and early March balmy,
it didn't bother me that the snow
wasn't falling and the
robins came back earlier.

But this past winter, where we've received almost
no snow
and the drought that started two years ago
kept going
and the ground was dusty from brown dirt
instead of
white snow...
it felt wrong.

Yes, I hate how winter drags on, and
yes, I much, much prefer spring to fall
                                  (sorry, but autumn is a distinct #2 on my list),
but if there isn't snow in winter,
then it's just not right.

So thankfully I now have some snow.
And it will be gone (mostly) with tomorrow's sun, and
back (mostly) with
the next five day's predicted snowfall.

I feel right, now,
that I can be officially and
sick of
and that's because
it's a little bit more right
the land.  

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