Monday, August 29, 2011

3 weeks strong...minus my strength, [+] God's grace

It's been 3 weeks since Dad went Home,
and I'm thankful here's there, but sad that he's not here.

So here are some shots of things I/John and I/John, my mom, and I have done since that day.

A couple treats for Dad's birthday

Lake Michigan for part of our anniversary

Chicago Botanic Garden for my mom's birthday

and this weekend I'll have to figure out how to celebrate my own birthday. 
not sure how,
but that's the case pretty much every year.

I'll miss my dad's traditional, goofily out-of-tune singing of
"Happy Birthday" to me over the phone,
but I'll be happy to pray to God that He tells my dad "thanks" for
being a part of bringing me into the world,
and to tell God "thanks" for
putting Dad into my life.

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