Friday, June 10, 2011

in an attempt to write more -

When I attempt to write more,
I'm often confronted with the events of the day.

That's tricky subject matter 'round these parts,
because either not much happens,
or things are a bit too
to put on the blog - for now.

Today was a day that bears about two or three blog post of their own, for the
sake of me just being able to voice them out.
The start of the second week of June has been a tough reminder for my family for quite some time,
and today was not any different.

Yet it's always better to end the day on a good note rather than a bad, difficult one, so
why not a little YouTube action to end the night off right. 

so I bring you...

Happiness Can Be Found on the Internet 
- a blog segment*

Exhibit A: Food Court Musical

Exhibit B: Star Wars according to a 3-year old

Exhibit C: The Office Lip Dub Cold Open

and scene! 

*I need to write a post about phrases like this.  It'll be a doozy. 

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