Sunday, June 26, 2011

golly gee.

I found a blog post I thought I sent out about a month ago -
it took a while to write!!!! -
and there it was, sitting in a draft status. 


Golly gee.

Oh well, here's what's been up:

The rain - in incessant amounts.
Work - got called back to my temp job.
Discontent - ready to figure out the future of my career.
Working out - it's become a bit more relaxed, but it's still happening.
Road Construction - wow. 
Gardening - well, not like last year (no community garden around here),
            but it's happening.
Family - reunion for my husband's side this past weekend in the
             Boheme Alps, and seeing my family at the end of the month (!!!).

Those are the quick highlights,
and more things will be coming throughout this week.

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